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Sale Notice – rolloutMan

We would want to announce that – rolloutMan – a SaaS Release Portfolio Management Software – is up for sale.

We started our journey around 3 years back and during this period there has been many ups and downs, all of which has resulted in this very well featured product.

rolloutMan is a powerful software which works really well within Enterprises and could be configured for different release management practices.  This software maps a typical “Release management” scenario in the IT division of a large enterprise and should be configured as per individual release requirements.

There are many best practices that have been added as features into this software, which allows for fast and very efficient releases and generates lots of very useful data, which could be mashed up to generate any kind of reports.

“Continuous learning” could be achieved for the enterprise by configuring AI modules to read and process the data generated.

Business Potential

  • Release management is a very hot topic in IT nowadays. This software works well with the CI/ CD release strategy and works purely at a management level without getting into the actual deployment technology,  giving the best mix of SaaS / Cloud strategy and agile developments. This software could be licenced as a SaaS-based Software – on almost any cloud.
  • IT Services around configuring rolloutMan to fit with each individual enterprise’s release management practice + Build custom reporting  + potentially invest in AI for further deep learning and performance improvement.
  • IT Services by placing release management professional into Enterprises.

For more information on the product and interest

  • Refer “Overview Video for high-level info about the concept
  • Refer “Business Exec Summary  for an exec summary info about the concept
  • Let us know and we can arrange a demo of the product for hands-on info.

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